A downloadable Squirrel clickers

Squirel killers is an experimental multiplayer that want to combine shoot em up and clicker games. In this context our principal character William the squirrel from Squirrel killers has been hacked by the "player" and your last hope to get back the game is destroy all the hack pilars, hidden in the map.

The player who controls the squirrel most to destroy the four hack pilars. This player has shoot with BACKSPACE, control de shoot with ASDW and move with AD, and for junp players has ALT. In adition, the squirrel can heal himself with C (but he cant moves and most to wait some second to use again the heal) and use a dash with SHIFT (dash has cooldown).

The hacker that controls de clicker must to kill the squirrel. For this, he must to click in the screen such as other clicker games and generate enemies for atack the squirrel, increase His clicks per second or put walls to block  the squirrel

This game was be made By:

Jorge Manzano Lopez and Cristian Docampo

Install instructions

You only must to download the compressed file and decompressed in your PC. Next you only open the executable file and play :)


SquirrelClickers.7z 35 MB

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